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If you are looking for a product that creates the ultimate sunroom atmosphere, turns your patio into an oasis, gives a sense of openness and takes advantage of nature while protecting you from the element than choose the Polycarbonate roof.

All framing is made from strong maintenance-free aluminum. The proprietary design, the large glazing beams used are thoroughly tested- you can feel confident that your new polycarbonate roof will hold the snow.

The polycarbonate patio cover utilizes strong, multi-walled polycarbonate panels. These panels have a range of solar tints that block damaging UV rays while allowing various levels of light transmission onto your deck or into your room enclosure.


The exclusive 1¼ inch thick Opal Ice sheet provides a low solar heat gain while allowing a pleasing amount of light to enter your patio room. Opal Ice 1¼ inch thick sheets are thicker than the standard 5/8″ thick sheets, and they have many internal walls to trap air thus providing the extra insulation value you want for the roof of your sunroom.

Polycarbonate Roof Systems: Our Products


Often customers want to use their existing framework to build a polycarbonate roof, but that framework is not strong enough to hold the big structural beams of a polycarbonate roof. This is when we are able to provide the customer with


  • Works with 16mm sheets.

  • Very flexible, easy to install.

  • Mounts on existing aluminum, steel, or wood framework.

With the Skyview Low Profile system, it doesn’t matter if your rafters are 16” or 24” apart. And it doesn’t matter if there are slight inconsistencies in rafter spacing, all you need to do is trim the sheets to suit your openings. Alternatively, you can run horizontal strapping (purlins) and space the low Profile glazing bars equally.

The extruded aluminum base and pressure cap with gaskets are your best choice for a long-lasting, waterproof roof system. Much more durable and leak-proof than systems that use polycarbonate joiners.

Polycarbonate Roof Systems: Our Products


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