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The spacer system in your window creates an insulating air space between the panes of glass, which functions as a thermal barrier. Many windows are constructed with a metal spacer between the panes to give the glass unit structural stability. However, the metal edges conduct cold from the outside of your home at a rate up to 120% higher than at the center of the glass area. This can create condensation problems at the window edge, damaging woodwork and draperies.

All of our windows combine a structural foam spacer with a seal of hot melt butyl to create a "warm", non-conductive edge. When correctly installed, windows with the Super Spacer system virtually eliminate condensation, provided that the proper air circulation and humidity levels are maintained in the home. 

The Super Spacer also minimizes the subtle movement of glass panes caused by changes in temperature- helping to prevent seal failure and reducing the stress on the glass panes.

Super Spacer Non-Metal Spacer: About Us
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